Studio Update #2

The past couple of days have been interesting. Yesterday Ryan overslept and didn't get to the studio until about a half hour late. I just hung out and talked with Chris for a bit. Once Ryan showed up we were all ready to get going on "Webster's Room." Chris opened the file up and the scratch guitars weren't showing up. He needed to pull them off of my hard drive but for some reason my hard drive wouldn't turn on. He had to take a hard drive out of its case, replace it with mine, then put everything back together. That took a good chunk of time. I don't think we got rolling until around 1. He did "Webster's Room" then went to "Big Al" and "BYF". They were giving him a bit of trouble, but nothing a few takes each couldn't fix. It was getting late and he thought he was done, but Chris asked him to try to do one more. He made a few attempts at "New Age" before giving up. He was just too tired from the day and we were changing things and hearing things we hadn't noticed that he wasn't doing before. Changing his habits was proving to be extremely difficult. We hung out for a bit while he worked on some of the sound replacement. We left around 9 since there wasn't really much else we could do for the day.

Of course, on the night before I have to go back to work, I couldn't sleep for unknown reasons. I went to bed after 1 and had to be up at 5 for work. I went to work for 4 hours before leaving and heading back to the studio by 10:30. We got to the studio and worked on more of the sound replacement for a bit before Ryan started. He worked on "New Age" and it was giving him some serious trouble. He did take after take and it took much longer than I thought it would. He pulled it all out though. While Chris was editing drums, we went over to American Music down the street to pick up a cable to finish up my new rig. When we got back we hung out a bit more and a few friends dropped in to hang out. Next was "Black Taco". I didn't think this one would give him as much trouble as it did, but this one was just as difficult as "New Age". He finally got it nailed down and the drum editing began.
I crashed on the couch. In the mixing room. While Chris was editing drums. I'm so burnt out lately. Besides Thanksgiving, I haven't had a day to do absolutely nothing since the end of October. I've been running around and getting stuff with the studio and other things set up, driving back and forth to practice every day, working, writing...non-stop. After we're done recording I'm hoping we'll take the rest of December off for a little break from the band to chill out. I need it.
We're just finishing up the last bits of drum editing on "Black Taco" and Brent will start on bass tomorrow. I'm thinking I might start Thursday or Friday. I'm ready.

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