Studio Update #1

Yesterday was our first day in the studio. We're recording at The Red Room in Seattle with Chris Common. He plays drums in a band called These Arms Are Snakes and co-owns the studio with Matt Bayles. They have done work with bands like Mastodon and Minus The Bear.

We got there at 10:00am to start getting the drums set up. Ryan set up his drums in the back of the room by the kitchen. It took a few hours to get his drums tuned up and mic'd up.

There are 14 tracks total for the drums. He's using some really cool old Rode tube mics for the overheads. They're gigantic and have their own power supply and sound amazing. We actually started recording around 2 or 3. Ryan knocked out the intro, Extermination Process, and the Doom song. In between songs, Chris would edit the drums and get everything locked to the grid. This took some time, but it's better than editing all of the songs at once. It becomes a tedious process really quickly. We headed home feeling really good about the day and Ryan was off to get some rest. He had been playing all day and would be again tomorrow.

Today we got there around 10:30. We didn't think Chris was there yet so we waited outside, but it turned out he was downstairs and didn't hear us knocking. We got in and Ryan warmed up for a little bit before we got started around noon. Chris brought in his awesome beagle Cici (Cece? I don't know) and she's been keeping me company all day.

More sitting around and waiting. I brought in a little project that unfortunately didn't take more than 15 minutes. I put some velcro on the bottom of my pedals to put in my new rack/head case. Pretty exciting! Ryan's parents dropped by with their dogs and the dogs had so much fun running around and playing in the live room. Ryan finished FDA, the instrumental, and finished off with Duggada. The drum editing took a lot longer today because there's so much more to these songs than the other ones. The next five will also be pretty intense. I hope he can knock out at least four tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes. Here's the album's progress at the end of today:

Hopefully it'll only be another day and a half for drums and we can start Brent on Monday. I've been filming Ryan on each song as well as some random in-between stuff, so hopefully once he's done I'll get a studio video up covering the drums in a few days. The tracks are already sounding heavy even with just the scratch guitars, so I'm beyond stoked to get the real guitars going!

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