8 Days To Go

Just as I had suspected, time flew by and we're getting down to the wire. We have 8 days until we begin recording, but only 6 to finish the songs. Sunday we'll begin doing the pre-production scratch guitar tracks on the songs that are done. On Wednesday we're going to see Whitechapel at the Showbox for various reasons and Thursday is of course Thanksgiving. Recording begins Friday.
We may be practicing every day until Tuesday. We need to finish one more song. We finished "Webster's Room" the other night and I love how it turned out. I was really skeptical about it at first because it was a little different, but after we finished it up (by Chris and I jamming together alone for about 15 minutes) it really came together. Ryan has some really awesome drum parts and it ended up being really heavy too. I'd really like to try to bust one more out considering I timed all of our songs last night and the whole thing will clock in around 35 minutes.
I still have some of the transition stuff to work on and get ready as well. Chris and I found an amazing sample that we're able to use for one of them and I'm soooooooo excited to hear how it's going to turn out. It's so eerie and dark sounding. If it works as perfectly as I'm envisioning it, it is going to be one of the coolest parts of the album. Here's what I've been looking at almost daily for the past couple of weeks when I get home from work:
Lots of tracks of little random noises. Lots of taking things out and putting things in, moving things around.
Hopefully things go smoothly and we won't be rushed to finish the last song on the last day. Maybe.

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